Minimize hair frizzing in humid areas

hair frizzingSummer brings a lot of things attached to it, and the unbearable humidity is definitely one of them. What does that exactly mean for those who are natural or transitioning? Well, besides shrinkage or reversion, it can also mean a lot of frizz all season long.

The good news is I’m here to set you up for a frizz-free summer. I’m about to give you a couple of useful tips on how to keep your hair under control and make that nasty frizz steer clear of your hairstyle.

Now that we all know why we’re here, we can begin handing out some essential tips to liberate you from frizz once and for all.

Use a glossing or smoothing serum

These serums contain silicones which water can not dissolve. That’s why they’re your perfect shield against humidity. They’ll cover each strand of your hair nicely, making any humidity just slide off it. Not everyone’s hair deal well with these silicones, but if yours does, you should definitely consider using them. It’s a very simple procedure, not at all time-consuming, and it’ll prevent bad hair days like you wouldn’t believe.

This method will not only deal with your frizz, but also shrinkage and reversion. Serums can be applied to almost any of your favorite hairstyles. You just got a fresh set of braids or twists? Or you simply prefer a bit looser hairstyle? Doesn’t really matter, as long as your hair is not overly sensitive to silicones you’ll be just fine.

Important thing to note here is the fact that these serums will eventually cause a buildup since they don’t dissolve at all in water. You’ll want to shampoo your hair with special shampoos that have the ability of dissolving these once in a while simply to prevent that buildup from ever happening. Use a good conditioner afterward to restore your hair’s natural moisture.

hair frizzing

Protection via protective hairstyle

In addition to using those smoothing serums one of your most potent weapons in battling frizz and humidity is your very own protective styling. We’ll make an example out of braids and twists. They really stop the reversion, and they’re my favorite go-to style from the moment the summer comes knocking. Frizz and shrinkage are also banned from the premise once you start using these styles, and even if they appear they’re much easier for embracing. If these are not your cup of tea you can adopt a whole slew of other options, such as updos, flat twists, cornrows, or braid extensions.

Wear some sort of headband or scarf

Headbands and scarves are trendy pretty much every summer, and they’re a great and quick fix to whatever troubles you about your hair. They’re more about disguising the consequences of humidity than actually fighting it, but they’re always a welcome addition if you get careless enough to let the frizz creep up on you. You should also pay close attention to the material of your scarf or your headband of choice. Definitely go for ones made of polyester or silk (satin weave in particular) because they’re much gentler on your hair than, let’s say cotton or some other materials. Wide and soft headbands will also do much better job in providing your frizzy hair with a good disguise than hard, thin ones.

Embracing the natural texture of your hair

What does this tip actually mean? Simply wear your hair as it is, in its own, natural state. By doing this you’ll have no more lingering fear of humidity, you’ll even welcome it. If you accept and wear your curls, kinks, and coils with pride, there isn’t anything that can really put a damp on that hairstyle.

Cordless vs. corded drills, advantages and shortcomings

If you knew what I know about drills, you would look at them completely differently. No matter, I’m about to tell you the gist of it, so you can make a proper informed decision without having to look back on your choice wondering if you did the right thing.

Drills are very ancient tools in terms of their presence on earth. They predate pretty much every single one of the known civilizations by a lot having been used by our prehistoric predecessors. If a certain tool last for such a period of time, you know you have a keeper on your hands.

Our ancestors probably didn’t have our today’s dilemma on their plate, though. We’ll have to go through some of the advantages and shortcomings of both corded and cordless drills in order to fully realize which model fits our need best. If you’ve read any one of my articles so far you’ll know by now that it’s never all black and white with me, so we’ll have to put both of the models within certain contexts to discern which one will suit us best in which occasion.

So, let’s go over some PROs and CONs regarding both options viewed from different standpoints.

Power supply

corded drillsWhen it comes to power supply corded drills have an obvious advantage because their supply of power is always constant. More power will always also mean a lot more power, which will come in especially handy during some more heavy-duty oriented jobs. We have some issues with compatibility because it’s always one power supply, one tool.

As far as cordless drills are concerned, we introduce the concept of shared power supply, as they can be used for multiple tools, something you wouldn’t be able to do with your average corded drill. In the CONs section, we have the loaming possibility of power suddenly running out in the middle of what you were doing. They will also probably have less power that corded models.


This is the part where cordless options really shine and take the cake over corded ones. You can take your cordless drill pretty much anywhere you need it, and it will always be ready to do the job you put in front of it. No need for power outlets in the vicinity.

Corded drills will, however need a steady source of electricity in order to do what they’re intended, so a power outlet is a must if you decide to go this route.


Cordless drillsTorque is one of those things that makes or breaks a tool intended for drilling, therefore corded options win big time here because they’re more powerful. It’s as simple as that. More power will yield more torque and that’s what provides you with more efficiency.

Cordless ones will, in turn be somewhat less efficient considering their lack of pure power the corded models have in bundles. On top of that, rotary hammer drills featuring enough torque are a real pain to find if you’re aiming for a cordless variant.


Corded drills can be heavier than the cordless ones, causing more fatigue over prolonged usage, resulting in getting you tired quicker.

Cordless ones are pretty lighter, so you can work longer with them without getting tired as you would with the corded models.


So, there you are. Basically, it all depends on your personal preferences, as I’ve said in the beginning. If you have something lighter to do with a drill, don’t have a power outlet nearby, and you don’t need all that much power to get the job done, cordless drill is the right choice. Anything else will demand you using something more serious of the corded variety.

5 Reasons I like Straight Hair Styles

Straight Hair StylesWhich woman doesn’t want to flaunt gorgeous and bouncy shiny hair that make many men fall for it?

Known as the crowning glory, hair forms an integral part of the body. Women try different hair styles to look beautiful. Whether it is topknots and crown braids, or sexy wet look or the twisted, wavy curls, girls have tried everything to look trendy and gorgeous. However, I personally feel that smooth, sleek straight hair style still has the upper hand when compared with other hair trends. For those who want to avoid the bad hair day, smooth silky hair style is the way to go.

There are several reasons to fall in love with straight hair. This clean and simple appearance of straight, silky hair frames the face beautifully. But if you don’t get it right it can seem sloppy and you can look like you’re trying to hard. So, know your stuff, and know your hair tool arsenal.

I’ll give it to you; it is not easy to choose, especially with hair straighteners.

  • Which one is good for your hair type, be it thick or thin hair?
  • Which plates are good? Which width, which brand…?

I personally follow this girl from the UK, Mila, and her blog. She used to be a professional hair stylist and her blog is full of useful tips and reviews on best brands (Paul Mitchell, Chi, Remington…) and all things related. You can see it here – HairStraightenerJudge.

But, let’s move on, below are the top five reasons on why straight hair rocks….

5 Reasons I Like Straight Hair Styles

  1. Easy and simple to manageIn today’s fast paced lifestyle when everyone is juggling time between office, home and family, taking out time for your salon appointments is not an easy task. However, the pressure to look good is always there, especially on women.

Straight, sleek hair offers the convenience of brush and go. With minimum hair styling effort and a good hair straightener, you can end up having smooth hair after just brushing them.

Most of us don’t need too much styling help. Just wash, scrunch, and air dry. There is no need of using blow dryer with straight hair style. You do not need any elaborate plans or salon appointments or accessories to make your hair look beautiful. So, next time you wish for curly hair, remember it takes time, effort and money to manage those wavy locks. With straight hair, all you have to do is brush and go.

Straight Hair Styles

  1. Offers a variety of hairstylesWhether you need a pony tail for your workout session, or a French braid for your afternoon brunch, straight hair offers multiple styling options. It also gives flexibility to try out various hair cuts that match the event and your dress. You can try that short chic haircut, or shorter or longer bangs, everything looks good with straight hair. So, you have plenty of choices while you undertake hair cut.
  2. A timeless lookCurls, perms and waves may come and go; whereas straight hair style will always remain in trend. Straight hair looks beautiful and gorgeous. Straight, glossy hair style offers a timeless look that will always remain in vogue. There is no doubt that smooth, shiny straight hair has more appeal than curly hair. Long straight hair swaying in the wind catches everyone’s attention, and is the dream of every woman.
  3. Fewer products requiredWe all agree that hair treatments and products are expensive. If you have curls or waves, you need to shell out quite some amount to make them look gorgeous and bouncy. To tame those flyways, you need shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays and hair mousse. On the other hand, straight hair require less number of maintenance products and treatments. All you have to do is keep them clean and healthy.During winters, perms and curly hair become dry and rough, and therefore require maintenance products to avoid frizziness. No matter what the season is, straightened hair look amazingly smooth and silky.
  4. Straight hair styles look healthier and cleanerIf you have naturally straight hair, they are healthier and shinier. With straight hair, you do no use ample number of hair care products. This keeps them healthy and natural. Moreover, twisting, knotting or curling affects the quality of your hair, making them look brittle and dull. Straight hair looks healthier and smooth, and gives off more shine.

Your hair is a precious beauty asset, so it deserves good care. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, make sure you provide complete nourishment to your hair so as to keep them healthy and bouncy. If you have wavy hair, you can use a good quality hair straightener to straighten your curls, thus making them look sleek and smooth. The best hair straightener gives you a desired straight hair look without affecting the quality of your hair.

Make sure you do your diligent research while choosing the best hair straightener.